MAWSPA 2015 | Annual General Meeting

MAWSPA held our 8th Annual General Meeting Re-Elections on 2nd March 2015 at Enggang Room Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in accordance to constitution that a re-election will be held every two years to select the office bearers.

MAWSPA president, Ms Faridah Ahmad Fadzil accorded a welcome to members present and expressed pleasure at the attendance. She expressed her thanks to all the members and committee for their support during her term as the president in the office, and spoke of her pleasure in working with the office bearers and committee during a very successful year in the organization.

MAWSPA Hon.Secretary, Ms Ayu Mudiasih presented her 8th Annual report reviewing the season’s activities and functions, all of which were memorable and successful. A happier event saw the success of the Malaysian Signature Massage Development which is done in three different phases at three different locations consisting of a panel of experts in the field which the development will see a change in the spa and wellness industry as it is being implemented as a whole.

MAWSPA Hon. Treasurer Mr Cp Saw, reported that the association audit accounts had been certified correct by the auditors at the time or presentation. Noting on the figures, he stated that the finances were in a good position. As there were no matters arising on the financial statements the accounts were adopted as true and correct record of the business.

Before handing over the office and hosting the nominees for the new term, the president again expressed thanks to members generally for their support and trust to the association. It had been a busy with many things in between but she had enjoyed it very much. It was a delightful experience, made so by the members and she had no doubt that her beneficiary would enjoy the same support she received from everyone.

The meeting proceed by having our association advisor Ms Molly Goh to declare all offices vacant and had pleasure in distributing the voting paper to those who attend and explains on the rules and regulations for the election as required by the constitution.

As a result of the election thirteen candidates were proposed and eleven are elected to fill in the board. Our advisor stated that the committee will consists of : Dr Baskaran Kosthi (Frangipani Ishan), Orni Yusniza Othman(Ornis Consultant), Stella K.K Cheah (Stella-In International Academy), Gusti Ayu Made Mudiasih (Cemarayu), Cp Saw(ECMI ITE ASIA Sdn Bhd), Max Beh (Violet Evolution Sdn Bhd), Jack Ng (Ancient Thai Herbal & Spa), Gavin Foo (Relaxtime), Jeythevan Partiban (Samkkya Ayurveda), Jeevakumar Palayinappan (Kaki-Kaki Reflexology), Datin Dorothea Justin (Neobayu Spa) and Miya will remain as the secretariat.

Looking at the new office bearers, the club is in good hands and MAWSPA freshly elected President Dr Baskaran Kosthi who has many years of experience and knowledge, will bring unity to the association and hopefully will lead us to many more success to come. The meeting ended at 1.30 P.M followed by a lunch at the Coffee House.