Spa Trade Secret Bangkok Discovery Trip concluded with success!

BANGKOK – Malaysian Association Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) organized a trade discovery trip to Bangkok, Thailand during 11-15 May 2016, gathered around 40 MAWSPA members to learn all about secret to Spa business, authentic Thai massage and most importantly to recruit Thai Therapists.

Throughout the 5 days 4 nights trip, the members managed to experience Reusi Dat Ton exercise, discovered the origin of Thai massage, learned how to meditate on the right way, educated about Thailand history such as Wat Po, learned easy steps to prepare herbal and many more related to Spa & Wellness industry.

MAWSPA members also learned some skills development and experienced how Thai Government provide vocational training to the public not only focusing on Thai massage and Spa but also focus on a range of other industrial skills. Furthermore, MAWSPA members had the golden opportunity to be introduced to the Department of Employment and get first-hand information on how to recruit and deploy Thai therapists from Thailand to Malaysia, which was the key to Spa owners.

Aside from the trade secret element of the trip, members can’t miss out the chance of sight-seeing and exploring Thailand cultures as a tourist, such as the very well-known floating markets in Thailand, riding elephants, local delicacies and many more.

Stay tuned to more activities in line, well-planned and prepared by MAWSPA for the members!